www.love2fishing.comLast time we left off , Now we play the waiting game.  Back to our story. Well, we waited about 45 Minutes and then ,  all of a sudden the line ahead of the first can started moving slowly, False Alarm, Ha Ha, It was just the waves from  a passing boat, again we started to get in our comfy positions. The waiting game  is on again.  We have been waiting now for about another 15-20 minutes now. and still nothing.  Then all of a sudden the loose line in front of the first can started moving real fast,  The first can fell to the ground  and the line between the second can  started going out into the sea, we all raced to the reel of fishing line , picked it up and was holding on to the line.  Then the second can fell the ground, finally , the line that was on the ground between the 2nd can and the reel of line started moving real fast out into the sea. We held on to the line , that is holding the line between our hand , then the line in our hands  started going through our fingers, it was going so fast that  it stared  to cut into our hands. Finally it slowed down and we started to pull it in, but it was still putting up a fight, like it did not want to come in. We pulled , and pulled and pulled, now for the moment to reveal  what we caught? We pulled until we saw what we caught , When we saw what it was, we pulled as hard as we can to bring it on shore. YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT IS WAS. It was a Barracuda  5 ft 6 inches long , Sorry we did not get to weight it . When we pulled it on shore, It bit the #6 hook in half. We stared beating it so it will not fall back into the sea. Yes , we were very tired. Our catch was the and biggest that we have ever caught  and we were the happiest kids on the Island that day. Later i learned of another fishing method. THE FISHING ROD . Well are you ready for the next story or experience ?  It will be in title   ” How I Did Using My First Fishing Rod. “ Hope you enjoyed my experience . Until next time. Please Look around my site , I am sure if you are a fisher person,  you will like what you see . And if you are not, You will start just for the excitement  .  Take care.