This was my first story,  When is was just 14 years old. Like I said before my father introduce me to  Fishing Rods, We fished with our hands.  Well one day myself , my little brother and my cousin when fishing . We decided to go Fishing on a Saturday about 7am.
We were off from school and wanted to relax a little.  We set up to fish on  off a Coast Guard Dock , a little away from the boats.  We used no  Rods just our hands and the fishing line. We were using  a reel of line #60 lb and a #6 hook  with a 8″ inch wire lead .  We set it up this was . First we bate the hood with about half of a 5 inch perch.  Then we unreel about 16 Ft of line , cast it out into the sea. Then we wrap about 3 ft. of line around a can, next we release some more  line about another 3 ft. and placed it on the ground and then wrap another 2 ft of line around another can. Release another 3 ft. of line on the ground , Then  place  the  rest of the line on the spool  next to where we were sitting, waiting for the big one.  Now we play the waiting game for the fish to take the line.    STORY TO BE CONTINUED.